7 Questions in 7 Minutes Featuring - Jeremy Macliver

Meet Jeremy.

Jeremy Macliver is a connector, professional speaker, EOS Implementer, and a serial entrepreneur who shows business leaders a bigger vision. Jeremy has owned or led multiple companies through high growth phases. Under Jeremy's leadership, organizations have won Best Places to Work, doubled in size year over year, created strong cultures that drew top talent to the door, created federally registered apprenticeship programs for youth getting into trades, all while increasing the bottom line profit for the company. Today Jeremy shares these insights with teams, helps teams reignite the passion that founded them, and guides them through the process of building a stable and long-lasting organization. Jeremy also serves on the State of Arizona Advisory Board for Construction Education, Wesmec Schools Advisory Board, Chairs the State Welding Advisory Board, and helps with SkillsUSA.

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Are you a business leader or entrepreneur?

Are you sick of playing whack a mole with your leadership team?

Have you achieved a level of financial success but, you are sick of trading in your wife/husband and kids for that success?

Are you looking for ways to get more by doing less?

So you can fulfil that vision that is bigger than yourself?

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